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Examples Of Primary Health Care


Health Care or PHC, is a broad term that encompasses all aspects of preventing and treating diseases and conditions. It is a combination of preventative measures like immunizations and screenings, as well as diagnostic tests that can be performed in your primary care doctor’s office. In addition to these services, home primary healthcare includes managing chronic conditions with medications prescribed by a doctor and counseling for mental health issues such as depression or anxiety disorders.

Preventive Primary Health Care

Primary health care is a broad term that serves many functions. Primary care includes preventative services, diagnostic services, counseling and psychotherapy services, prescription medication management services and other clinical interventions to promote wellness and reduce the incidence of illness.

Primary care providers are trained in how to treat common illnesses such as colds or influenza (flu). They can also diagnose more serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes if they arise during your visit with them. If necessary, they will refer patients to specialists who have more advanced training in treating certain disorders.

Diagnostic Testing Primary Health Care

Diagnostic testing is a medical procedure that involves the use of equipment and chemicals to check for disease or injury. Diagnostic tests are performed on patients who have symptoms of illness, but who do not yet have a confirmed diagnosis. This can include routine screenings (such as Pap smears), monitoring of conditions after treatment has begun (such as blood pressure checks), and detecting complications such as infection or organ failure in patients with chronic diseases (like diabetes).

Diagnostic tests can be done in many different ways: they may involve taking blood samples; doing imaging scans on your organs; putting radioactive substances into your veins through an IV line; collecting tissue samples from inside body cavities using needles or surgical instruments; performing biopsies on abnormal areas of skin or other tissues found during routine physical examinations–the list goes on!

Home Primary Health Care

Home primary health care is a broad term that encompasses many different services. It can include things like wound care and vaccinations, but it’s also used to describe programs that provide ongoing support for patients with chronic illnesses. Home primary health care might be provided by a general practitioner or other health professional who visits the patient in their home or other location of choice (such as an assisted living facility). The frequency of visits depends on the needs of each individual patient, but they tend to happen once every three months or so on average.

Home primary care can be provided at any age even infants! For example: If you’re young and healthy right now but know you have asthma and diabetes running through your family tree like kudzu vines on steroids you’ll definitely need some form of long-term support when those conditions start showing up later in life.

Prescription Medication Management

Prescription Medication Management (PMM) is a program that helps people who are on multiple medications manage their prescriptions in order to prevent issues like adverse drug reactions or the overuse of certain medications. PMM involves using software that tracks each patient’s progress towards their goals and ensures they stay on track with their treatment plan by reminding them when it’s time for their next dose, as well as providing information about possible side effects or other concerns related to that particular drug regimen all within easy reach via mobile device! How Does It Work? The best part about PMM is how simple it can be! Once your doctor has prescribed a new medication regimen for you, all they have left to do is enter some basic information into our system: dosage frequency; the number of pills per day; any possible interactions between drugs being taken concurrently and voila! You have instant access through our mobile app (iOS/Android). This allows users not only convenience but also peace of mind knowing everything will stay organized while still meeting individual needs throughout the recovery process.

Counseling And Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is the process of talking to a psychologist or other mental health professional in order to resolve problems and improve well-being. Counseling is also a process of talking with a counselor or therapist, but it’s often less intense than psychotherapy. In fact, counseling can be done with no more than one session per week as opposed to daily sessions that might occur in psychotherapy.

Counseling is often more focused on improving specific problems, while psychotherapy can help people explore their overall lives. A counselor may focus on a single issue such as depression, anxiety, or relationship issues.

Broad Term That Serves Many Functions

It can describe a specific type of healthcare, or it may be used as an umbrella term to encompass all types of care. In both cases, primary health care refers to the foundation on which other forms of medical treatment are built, including secondary and tertiary levels. Primary health care differs from one country or region to another; however, there are several commonalities:

  • It’s accessible for everyone regardless of ability to pay or location (no matter where you live)
  • It provides essential services such as preventive care and vaccinations as well as treatments for chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension


Primary health care is a broad term that serves many functions. It can refer to preventative care, diagnostic testing, home care services or prescription medication management. Primary healthcare providers may also offer counseling and psychotherapy services for patients who need these types of support. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of what primary health care looks like in practice so that you can decide if it’s something worth exploring when making decisions about your own wellness needs.

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